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California Divorce Questions – When Will I be Single Again?

A California divorce CAN be fairly simple to obtain, depending upon the specific facts of each case.  When we receive phone calls here at the office we try to find out right away, in what city do you reside?  And also, where is the person you are trying to divorce?  When the reply is, “It’s going to […]

California Divorce Paralegal Awarded 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year

Being a part of the business community is important for DIY Divorce Murrieta & Temecula.  We have received great support from the members of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, as well as other businesses, chambers, and individuals in the Temecula Valley.  Paralegal Kristin Harrison was surprised and deeply honored to be nominated for the award, […]

A California Divorce and Spousal Support

Many divorce cases can go along smoothly until some one utters the words “Spousal Support”.  More commonly known as Alimony, the State of California uses the term Spousal Support on all legal documents connected to divorce, and phased out the word Alimony.  Spousal Support and Alimony are exactly the same thing.  A California Divorce does […]

You Filed for Divorce on Your Own…How do you Finish the Case?

Some days the phone for DIY Divorce Murrieta and Temecula rings off the hook.  Quite a few calls come from people who have filed for divorce without professional assistance.  While we all have our talents and areas of expertise, the average person does not understand divorce paperwork intuitively.  The concepts and vocabulary in the paperwork […]

A Paralegal can get your California Divorce Granted

Many divorces do not require the assistance of an attorney, let alone hiring two attorneys.  A paralegal who is registered with the county as a Legal Document Assistant can fill out and file your divorce paperwork.  The numerous forms that need to be filled out, in addition to the complexity of some of the forms, […]

File for Divorce AND Request a Hearing for Support

Many people believe that a hearing is automatically set when a divorce is filed.  This is not true.  If you want a hearing in front of a Judge regarding child and/or spousal support, property issues, debts, or any other matter the two parties cannot agree on, paperwork specifically requesting the hearing must be submitted.  The […]

Murrieta Paralegal will Save Time and Money

Many people file the initial paperwork for divorce without any assistance, but finishing the divorce is often impossible.  Confusion over the required paperwork is common, regardless of a person’s education or background.  The number of forms, which forms must be filed and when, all the details lead to difficulty for anyone attempting to file for […]

Minimize the Damage of a Divorce – Hire a Paralegal

Many people are unaware that attorneys are not required for a divorce.  When two people can make an agreement regarding their property and children, attorneys are not needed to accomplish the divorce.  A Paralegal can draft the needed paperwork, get it filed with the court, serve the other party, and write up the agreement.  This […]

Murrieta Divorce Paralegal Provides Spousal Support Mediation

When a divorce is imminent you could  hire attorneys and have an expensive court battle, or work with a divorce paralegal who can assist in mediating a written agreement.  Paralegals have many years of experience working with families that need assistance during the divorce process.  Often, a court hearing will result in a Judge’s orders that are identical […]