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Why Do-It-Yourself Divorce is Different 

Why Do-It-Yourself Divorce is Different 

You have a choice when hiring a paralegal to take care of the paperwork for your divorce.  Prices vary, levels of skill vary, but more than that, the process and procedures followed by various paralegal professionals also vary.

At DIY Divorce, we take the burden off of you when it comes to filling out the forms and filing the papers at court.  Some paralegal services might quote a lower price, but you will be required to drive to Hemet to file your own paperwork.  That means taking an entire day off to drive out to court, then standing in line for up to three hours to get your papers filed.

That is just one difference between DIY Divorce and many other paralegal services.  We take the papers out to court for you.  When you hire DIY Divorce, no one will have to drive to Hemet but us.

Many paralegal services give an intake questionnaire to you to fill out on your own and bring back to the office, dragging out the time needed to get the work completed.

At DIY Divorce, our paralegal sits with you and fills out the forms for you, getting the initializing documents completed and signed during one office visit.

The steps and procedures followed by DIY Divorce means that you can get all of the paperwork required for a divorce done with three trips to the office.

Some paralegal services require YOU to accomplish service of the divorce papers on the other party.  At DIY Divorce, service of the divorce papers is done at our office.  If both parties reside in the state of California, service must be personal, the papers must be handed to the Respondent.  DIY Divorce takes care of service of the papers when the Respondent will come to our office for service.

Finally, some paralegal services mail your Judgment to court for processing.  This causes delays since any Judgments that are mailed in are processed AFTER Judgments brought to the court in person are processed.  Therefore, Judgments that are mailed in sit for weeks before being opened and processed, but Judgments that are hand-delivered to the court are processed in about three weeks.

DIY Divorce hand-delivers the final Judgment to the court.  The steps followed by DIY Divorce ensures efficiency and reduces the burden placed upon you.  Cases can be completed with three visits to our office, no hearings are required for an amicable divorce.  Paralegal services may vary in price, but often, you get what you pay for. 

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