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Many people file the initial paperwork for divorce without any assistance, but finishing the divorce is often impossible.  Confusion over the required paperwork is common, regardless of a person’s education or background.  The number of forms, which forms must be filed and when, all the details lead to difficulty for anyone attempting to file for divorce without assistance from a Paralegal.  Many people who try to complete the divorce end up having the paperwork returned by the court multiple times, and have to hire a Paralegal to finish the divorce.  Now, months have gone by and the emotional drain of having to redo and re-file the paperwork has been exhausting.

Filing out the initial Petition may seem easy, but the subsequent paperwork is more challenging.  The parties must fill out a Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure, a form with 32 boxes on which in general only four must be checked.  Which boxes need to be checked? Only the Paralegal knows! It is worth the money spent hiring a Paralegal when you are able to reduce your stress and avoid the nightmare of paperwork being returned from the court multiple times.

When a Marital Settlement Agreement can be negotiated, that is the fastest and most reliable way to get a Judgment of Dissolution/Divorce granted.  While it is possible to get a divorce without cooperation from the other party, called a Pure Default, those Judgments are very difficult to get approved.  When the two parties sign an agreement written by the Paralegal in the proper format, the court reliably approves those agreements and the divorce is granted.  Kristin Harrison is available to finish a case you filed on your own so that your divorce can be finalized and your Judgment of Dissolution granted.  Please call 951-795-3900 to discuss your case.  DIY Divorce serves Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Winchester, Wildomar, and the surrounding communities.


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