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Minimize the Damage of a Divorce – Hire a Paralegal

Many people are unaware that attorneys are not required for a divorce.  When two people can make an agreement regarding their property and children, attorneys are not needed to accomplish the divorce.  A Paralegal can draft the needed paperwork, get it filed with the court, serve the other party, and write up the agreement.  This process reduces conflict and avoids the emotional damage of the court fight.  When children are a part of the story, it is imperative that their parents make every effort to shield them from as much conflict as possible.

The first step in filing for divorce is filling out the Petition.  While the Petition itself is just a two-page document informing the court that a divorce is being requested, it is easy to make a mistake on the Petition that will prevent the case from moving forward and having a Judgment of Dissolution granted by the court.  You might feel that paying a Paralegal to prepare the divorce paperwork is a waste of money, something you can accomplish on your own, but it is money well spent when the paperwork goes smoothly and the divorce is accomplished within a few months.  Many people who attempt to file and finish their own divorce without the help of a Paralegal spend two or more years trying to get the paperwork approved by the court. A Paralegal’s assistance will ensure that the paperwork is done correctly from the beginning, so that no mistakes need to be corrected later on.

While filling out the Petition might seem straightforward, and some people do fill it out correctly, the remaining paperwork is a challenge.  Understanding the court forms is not easy, the vocabulary and number of forms required, in what order they must be filed, etc can feel overwhelming.  Allowing a Paralegal to handle the paperwork correctly means your case will go through the court system with the minimum of emotional drain on yourself, and save many months of effort only to have the paperwork rejected by the court and mailed back to you.

Divorce means financial strain, but the strain of an expensive court fight is even worse.  Hiring a Paralegal is a middle-ground between expensive attorneys and going completely alone with no assistance.  DIY Divorce serves Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Sun City, Perris, Lake Elsinore and the surrounding areas.

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