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Divorce Paralegal in Temecula and Murrieta Area : Client Shares a Review

Divorce Paralegal in Temecula and Murrieta

Working as a Divorce Paralegal in the Temecula and Murrieta area is rewarding. Providing reviews for potential clients to read is important, it helps individuals and families decide who to hire for their divorce. Many clients have written excellent reviews for me, it is deeply rewarding to read their positive words regarding my work. To know that I exceeded expectations during their divorce and that my work as a paralegal was excellent means so much to me.  The following is a review written by a recent client, his complimentary review made my day:

“Making the decision to file for divorce was difficult.  I considered handling the process myself, but after researching the court process and the mandatory classes, I did not have time for what appears to be a lengthy process.  If you make an error on the paperwork your filing could be rejected and cause delays. A friend mentioned using a paralegal to save money; divorce lawyers can be expensive.  I researched several paralegals that specialize in divorce and selected DIY Divorce after a brief meeting with Kristin. Kristin made me feel at ease and that she had the expertise to handle my divorce filing.  Kristin explained the entire process and what I had to do and when.   Divorce can be stressful and I feel very fortunate to have found Kristin.  DIY Divorce definitely exceeded my expectations.”  – Jim B

Divorce is a difficult, painful experience.  However, that pain can be minimized by avoiding an expensive court battle with divorce attorneys who will have to charge a great deal of money to settle your case.  If hearings and attorneys can be avoided and a divorce paralegal hired instead, the cost of the divorce can be minimized.  For many people who choose a court battle, eventually they get tired of the cost and the fighting, and reach a reasonable settlement.  Make the choice to save money, make a reasonable settlement in the beginning! 

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