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California Divorce Paralegal Awarded 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year

Kristin Harrison Owner / Paralegal

Being a part of the business community is important for DIY Divorce Murrieta & Temecula.  We have received great support from the members of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, as well as other businesses, chambers, and individuals in the Temecula Valley.  Paralegal Kristin Harrison was surprised and deeply honored to be nominated for the award, and somewhat shocked that we won! 

It’s been such a journey during the years since the office was opened.  After many years of working for attorneys, the decision to open her own office offering divorce services provided by a paralegal was a step taken with great trepidation, but the rewards have been well worth the risk.  Kristin was confident that she could provide a valuable service at a fair price to the public, but any business venture comes with a level of anxiety – will we succeed?  The validation and sense of pride in a job well done that this award has engendered has greatly lifted our spirits and given us a sense of professional pride that is difficult to describe.

Family Law, better known as Divorce, is a difficult business to be in sometimes, but it also has great rewards.  We enjoy assisting the clients at a difficult time in their lives, and are also deeply pleased the we offer an alternative to hiring two attorneys.  Paralegals can save those who are willing to work cooperatively a great deal of money, reduce the stress of a divorce, and make the process efficient and fairly quick.  If you have filed for divorce on your own and don’t know what to do to finish the case, we can finish a case you filed on your own, or with one or two attorneys offices. Cases started in attorneys offices often bog down and take a great deal of time to resolve, for many reasons.  It must be the desire of both parties to make a case amicable, which leads to saving money and time.  Make the smart choice, hire a Paralegal for your Family Law case. 

A California Divorce doesn’t have to cost  a fortune!  Call Kristin Harrison at 951-795-3900 to discuss your case.

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