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A Paralegal can get your California Divorce Granted

Many divorces do not require the assistance of an attorney, let alone hiring two attorneys.  A paralegal who is registered with the county as a Legal Document Assistant can fill out and file your divorce paperwork.  The numerous forms that need to be filled out, in addition to the complexity of some of the forms, can make the divorce process feel overwhelming.  Letting a paralegal who is familiar with the paperwork take care of that chore reduces your stress and saves time.

Some cases are filed by the Petitioner and cannot be finished due to the party being unfamiliar with the required paperwork.  A Paralegal can finish a case when you are not sure what to do in order to get the Judgment approved.  When the Judgment is submitted for processing the court reviews the filing and will mail the paperwork back to the Petitioner if incorrect forms are submitted, or the correct forms are filled out incorrectly.  The delays that result from re-doing and re-submitting the paperwork is aggravating for both parties.  Getting the work done right the first time reduces stress. Using a paralegal service for your divorce reduces cost.

Although the county offers free classes to assist anyone who wants to file for divorce, the classes themselves are confusing and overwhelming for many people.  A paralegal who understands the process can get the case filed quickly, schedule the needed appointments for service and discussion of your agreement, then get the Judgment filed months before the dissolution date in many cases.  When a case is handled efficiently by a paralegal, the case can be filed and served quickly, then written up for signatures within a week or less.  Once the parties have signed the agreement the 30 days for a response to be filed must have passed before the Judgment is submitted for processing.  A paralegal office can get all the work done BEFORE the 30 days to respond has gone by if the parties are in agreement on the details of the Marital Settlement Agreement.

Currently the court in Hemet is taking 35 to 40 days to approve an agreement.  When the two parties are able to come to an agreement without delays, we can get the work done, submit to the court, and have the Judgment signed and entered into the court records three to four months BEFORE the dissolution date.  The dissolution date CAN be six months and one day from the date the papers are served, but the paperwork must be submitted properly and timely for the six months and one day to be utilized for a dissolution date.

Paralegals are a great choice for getting a case done efficiently and cost-effectively.  Call Kristin Harrison at 951-795-3900 to discuss your case.  We serve Southwest Riverside County, including Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Sun City, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Wildomar, French Valley, Winchester, Hemet, Perris.




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