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Divorce Paralegal in Temecula Murrieta will Save You Money

Choosing to work with a Divorce Paralegal in Temecula and Murrieta will minimize the emotional and financial scars that are part of a divorce.   If a couple chooses to work with a Paralegal rather than hire two attorneys, thousands of dollars can be saved.  An Independent Paralegal can prepare the paperwork needed to file for divorce, and also write an […]

Temecula Divorce Paralegal

Family finances are going to be strained by a divorce. An expensive legal fight will further diminish financial resources. In addition a waste of money, a legal battle will change each person forever. A legal fight is a terrible experience that doesn’t leave anyone unscathed. Whenever possible, working with a Divorce Paralegal rather than hiring […]

Hire a Paralegal to Save Money and Time

Hurt feelings in the divorce process are unavoidable. Letting those hurt feelings affect negotiation in the divorce process will lead to an inability to come to a reasonable settlement that works for both sides. A paralegal can assist with the negotiations.  When two people can’t agree on child and/or spousal support, it is often possible […]

Divorce Paralegal in Murrieta Writes: Spousal Support is NOT permanent after 10 years of Marriage…

There are many myths about divorce. While a Independent Divorce Paralegal, now called a Legal Document Assistant, cannot give legal advice, we CAN tell anyone anything that is factually true. It is a FACT that ten years of marriage does not confer permanent spousal support, sometimes called alimony, for a spouse. Ten years of marriage […]

Paralegal Assistance in Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Menifee, Hemet

It is possible to avoid the high cost of hiring two attorneys if a Husband and Wife can work co-operatively with one independent paralegal. Many people are familiar with the title paralegal, but currently the state legislature is using the title Legal Document Assistant for the work that Independent Paralegals have done for many years […]

Divorce and Dating Prior to Divorce

When divorce is inevitable but husband and wife want to work co-operatively to end the marriage, entering into a dating relationship while the two of you are still under the same roof will make it more difficult for rational negotiation to take place. If you are able to set aside the emotions of going through […]

Amicable Divorce

Promotion of the Amicable and Non-Judicial settlement of disputes involving Children and Families is the policy of the State of California. Do-It-Yourself Divorce provides a service that is exactly that: an alternative to hiring two Adversarial Attorneys and hearings presided over by a Judge, in addition to a Mediator deciding what schedule your kids will […]