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Hire a Paralegal to Save Money and Time

Hurt feelings in the divorce process are unavoidable. Letting those hurt feelings affect negotiation in the divorce process will lead to an inability to come to a reasonable settlement that works for both sides. A paralegal can assist with the negotiations.  When two people can’t agree on child and/or spousal support, it is often possible to bridge the gap by agreeing to gradually reduce the support over a period of a few years. Some families set spousal support for one year, with an agreed-upon reduction at the one-year mark. Other agreements involve decreases over several years, giving the supported person time to increase income and/or reduce expenses. Flexibility is key, and when Spousal Support is at issue, it’s important to remember that the person paying support will eventually retire and the spousal support obligation should change to allow that person to quit working. Child support has automatic end dates, a marriage that is of 10 years duration or more does not have an automatic end date for spousal support. Agreeing to an end date will give the person paying support the opportunity to look forward to the day when the support obligation will end. Setting an end date will generate good will on the part of the party paying support, increasing the likelihood that a fair agreement can be negotiated. Agreeing to gradual reductions and an end date for support increases the ability of the parties to work together. By hiring a paralegal to assist you with the divorce process, it’s possible to save money over the high cost of attorneys, save time rather than try to accomplish the divorce entirely on your own, and negotiate a fair agreement that works for both sides.  DIY Divorce, an Independent Paralegal office, serves Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Sun City, Perris, Winchester, and Hemet.

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