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Saving Time in the Divorce Process

Working with a Legal Document Assistant during your divorce is a smart way to lower the cost and stress of a divorce.  Legal Document Assistants used to be called Independent Paralegals, and have to meet educational and training requirements set by state law.  In addition, LDA’s are registered and bonded in the county in which they work. If the divorce is done co-operatively, no one has to go to court.  An LDA can write up, or draft, the documents needed for a divorce and file them with the court. Everything can done with two visits to the LDA’s office in many cases. If one person wants the divorce and the other person does not co-operate, as long as the un-cooperative person can be served the initial papers, the Petition, the rest of the divorce can be done without involving the other party.  Either way, working co-operatively or with one party, an LDA will save you Time and Money.

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