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Save your Sanity during Divorce: Co-operation and a Marital Settlement Agreement

When a marriage must end, making an agreement about the terms of the divorce is difficult. However, a Legal Document Assistant can help two people create a Marital Settlement Agreement, essentially a contract, that spells out the terms of their divorce.

Rather than pay attorneys to fight for court orders regarding child and/or spousal support, debt, or assets,  it is advantageous for the parties to make a civil agreement that is submitted to the court with the other forms needed to complete the divorce. This is called a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Judgment.

It is not required that anyone go to a court hearing to end a marriage.  Rather than enduring court appearances and the adversarial nature of the court room, coming to an agreement that addresses all of the aspects of the divorce can limit the cost and emotional trauma of a divorce.

When couples want to end their marriage with the minimum amount of financial and emotional damage, working with a Legal Document Assistant to put the agreements made between the two parties on paper and submit it to the court can avoid the high cost of seeking court orders on each and every aspect of the divorce.

Save Money. Save Time. Save your Sanity.

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