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Low Cost Divorce is Possible: Hire a Paralegal

A low cost divorce is possible when two people work together to make their agreements.

Working with an Independent Paralegal will reduce the cost of a divorce. Paralegals can assist both parties in filling out the necessary paperwork properly.  LDA’s handle cases that do not require the advice of an attorney.

Rather than collecting a retainer that will most likely NOT cover the entire cost of the divorce, a client and an LDA have a contract that spells out the fee for each step of the divorce process, and cannot charge more than the fee in the contract.

This process makes LDA’s collection of fees very different than attorney fees, which can exceed the retainer fee originally paid.  Attorneys are allowed to estimate the cost of a case and collect a retainer fee, and can continue billing the client when the retainer is spent. An LDA cannot do this. The price agreed to in the contract is fixed, unless circumstances change and a service not requested in the original contract is later requested by the client.

If the two people seeking a divorce choose to do so, the cost and emotional upheaval of a divorce can be minimized.

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