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Amicable Divorce

Promotion of the Amicable and Non-Judicial settlement of disputes involving Children and Families is the policy of the State of California. Do-It-Yourself Divorce provides a service that is exactly that: an alternative to hiring two Adversarial Attorneys and hearings presided over by a Judge, in addition to a Mediator deciding what schedule your kids will follow. Divorce does not have to be a war in which both sides lose, it can be a civil process that minimizes the emotional and financial trauma that is a part of every divorce.

It is important to Think before you hire an attorney. Once one side has an attorney, the other side is at a disadvantage and generally must or should hire an attorney as well. If the two people can discuss the details of the divorce, it will be possible for one person to be hired to fill out the paperwork and assist in the preparation of a Marital Settlement Agreement.

A Marital Settlement Agreement is a contract worked out between the two people that addresses all issues connected to a marriage and the pending divorce. If a Legal Document Assistant, also called an Independent Paralegal, is hired PRIOR to anyone hiring an attorney, it will be possible for the two people to come to an agreement that is acceptable to both parties (the MSA must be signed by both Husband and Wife) and for the contract/MSA to be worded in a way that is acceptable to the Court.

An LDA can prepare the papers necessary for the filing of the divorce, the steps needed to fulfill the requirements of the Court, and to type up the agreements made between the two people regarding the issues connected to the marriage: assets and debts, children, visitation, support, and any other issues that tie the two people together.

DIY Divorce provides services primarily to couples who want to end their marriage co-operatively, but can also work with one person without the co-operation of the other. We can also help with Modification of Child and Spousal Support. DIY Divorce Paralegal serves the following communities: Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Perris, Menifee, Sun City, Hemet, and Winchester.

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