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Kristin Harrison

Kristin Harrison

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We are Murrieta and Temecula’s premier legal document preparation and paralegal service.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce is owned and operated by licensed and experienced paralegal, Kristin Harrison. Kristin has worked in Family Law since 2003. She earned her B.A. at the University of Michigan, and her Paralegal Certificate at the University of San Diego.

She received excellent training in the area of divorce while working in Vista, CA for a Family Law attorney. Kristin opened her own office in order to provide low-cost divorce assistance to families.  We can open a new case, finish an existing case, request a hearing when the divorce is filed if there is not cooperation with the other party.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce with a Legal Document Assistant is located at 29970 Technology Dr #220 Murrieta 92563.  Please call Kristin Harrison at 951-795-3900 or contact her now.

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Divorce Assistance

Hire DIY Divorce and Kristin Harrison

A paralegal will save both time and money.  Attorneys and court fights are expensive and destructive, both financially and emotionally.  If a co-operative divorce is possible, a paralegal will ensure that the paperwork is done efficiently, and save you the headache of trying to fill out the proper forms correctly on your own.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce is a paralegal service in which you are self-represented, there is no attorney connected to the case. By hiring a paralegal, you will save money, as it is far less expensive to pay a paralegal than to hire an attorney’s office. By utilizing this process, you will save time because you have the assistance of a professional to fill out the paperwork with you.

Efficiency is another advantage of working with a paralegal.  Most cases require only three visits to the office, and no one has to go to court.  We file the papers at the court, and perform service of the papers on the Respondent if the person to be served will come to our office.  Service of the divorce papers are only done at our office, we do not serve papers anyplace except the office. When both parties reside in California, service must be Personal. If the Respondent is out of state, the papers can be mailed if the Respondent will sign a Notice of Acknowledgment of Receipt.

Our paralegal fills out the forms with you in the office, we don’t send you away with a questionnaire to return to us, or blank forms to fill out on your own.  Doing the work together makes the process smooth and efficient.

Many people try to file for divorce without the assistance of a professional, only to require the services of a paralegal when the confusing forms overwhelm and discourage.  If a mistake is made in the original filing, it can be difficult to correct the mistake and finish the case.  Many people can’t figure out how to properly fill out the needed forms, especially the Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure.  All the forms have many, many boxes that CAN be checked, but in general only a few MUST be checked.  Figuring out which boxes to check is the difficult part.

Save yourself the hassle of filing on your own, save yourself the fortune of hiring an attorney.

Unparalleled Service.

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Even when your ex refuses to cooperate.

Many people attempt to file for divorce without any assistance from a paralegal.  Oftentimes a new case is filed by the parties without assistance with the assumption that since they are in agreement on the issues and do not need attorneys the paperwork will be easy.  This is almost never true.  While some people do manage to file and finish a case, it often takes two to two and a half years for someone to get the process through the courts without professional assistance.  This happens because mistakes are often made which must be corrected to get the case approved.  The mistakes cause delays and snags for getting the case brought to Final Judgment.  Some people fill out the initial paperwork, file and serve the divorce papers, then look at the rest of the paperwork required to finish the case.  The remaining paperwork is complex and often done incorrectly by the parties.  These mistakes will slow down the progress of your case, or you might give up at that point and hire a paralegal.  The hope is that no serious mistakes have yet been made that will be difficult to correct.  Although the paperwork might look straight-forward, many people make small to huge errors that cause the paperwork to be rejected and then must be redone.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce with a Legal Document Assistant will get the paperwork done correctly the first time, saving you time.  The stress of trying to understand the paperwork is also eliminated.

Our office is often hired to finish a case already started by the parties. The case is unfinished because the paperwork submitted by the parties is rejected by the courts due to errors, or the parties are unable to understand how to fill out the remaining paperwork.  In addition, many cases benefit from a Marital Settlement Agreement signed by both parties in order to give the court all of the information and detail needed for their agreement.  A paralegal can prepare the Marital Settlement Agreement for your specific circumstances and include all of the needed detail.

Filing a new case is the cleanest, easiest path since we know there are no mistakes to fix!  However, many of the cases we take involve finishing a case started by either attorneys or the parties.  We will look at the existing case record to see what work has been accomplished, determine what needs to be done to finish the case, and prepare new forms if a mistake has been made that must be corrected.  Sometimes the court has accepted a document that is incorrect, and a Quality Control/Judgment Clerk catches the error and sends the Judgment back for correction.  We can fix any mistakes and get new forms submitted, along with any forms that have not been done yet.

When there is no cooperation from one party but you want to file for divorce, there are several paths to pursue.  If you are told that the other party won’t pay support or won’t sign anything, there are avenues to get the case done.  If you want child and/or spousal support ordered and believe the other party will not voluntarily pay support, we can file for divorce and request a hearing at the same time.  Hearings are not automatically set when a divorce is filed.  Separate paperwork must be filed to request a hearing.  The court collects a filing fee of $450 when a divorce is filed, if a hearing is requested the court collects an additional $90.  These fees are separate from what DIY Divorce charges to handle all of the paperwork.


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